Study @ BCS

The school provides a well-rounded education based on the UK English National Curriculum. All children will have the opportunity to study the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science as well as many other subjects.  Depending on the age of the student, these include History, Geography, Computing, Design and Technology, Music, Drama, Art, Child Development and Sport. 

The children’s progress is usually moderated by external examiners in the UK through the Cambridge Checkpoint tests at age 14 and IGCSE exams at the age of 16.  We use internal examinations at other points to see how students are performing and how we can best support them.  With the IGCSE’s, your child receives excellent, internationally recognised qualifications, moderated by the University of Cambridge, UK.

BCS has students from a wide variety of linguistic backgrounds and responds to their different cultural and linguistic needs in numerous ways. With the demands of a more international missionary community, we have created mother tongue units in Korean, Portuguese, German, and Dutch. 

English is the everyday language spoken at BCS by all children and staff.